It has been my pleasure to serve on the Linnea board for over 40 years. When I joined the Board, my initial intention was to prove myself with the means to be part of our daughter’s transition from living at home for 22 years to moving into a residential home. I was not sure what to expect for our youngest moving away from home, but over these years, I have had the privilege to know, with certainty, that she has been well cared for, and lives in a home that is a “home away from home.”

She is now 56 years old, and while I know she has made the transition successfully, I continue to serve on the Linnea Board. I have held different positions on the board over the years, as well as on different committees. I have seen changes, developments and improvements, but what has always remained constant is the care, dedication and understanding each resident receives from those who operate and work for Linnea Residential Home. Our daughter has been blessed to have Linnea as her second home.